The Challenge has begun

30 Day Financial Confidence Challenge

Are you ready?

  • To learn what you fell like you “should” already know?
  • To learn how investments work?
  • To be a confident partipicant in your financial future?
  • To not delegate all aspects of your future money prospects?

The Financial Confidence Challenge is for you!

In 5 minutes a day over the next 30 days, we will review 29 different financial topics to uplevel your comfort and understanding. So, whether you are starting at the beginning, or this is just a refresher, the challenge has something for you.


What They Say about the Challenge

“Wendy & Jeff have been able to explain money in a way that made sense.  I had no idea how much I didn't know until I was part of the challenge. It's a must do for anyone.”

Shaun Whynacht

“Before the challenge I felt like I was pretty knowledgeable with money.  Quickly I found out there was more to know.”

Rebecca Spinney

What’s In The Challenge

29 Core Videos

You'll receive 29 laser focused video conversations from Wendy and Jeff in your inbox to give you exactly what you need to know about each topic.


Links to resources and take aways on various topics along the journey. Each provided resources is designed to enhance your knowledge.


The purpose of the challenge is to build your confidence in your ability to make informed and positively impacting decisions about your financial journey.

Knowledge is Power - Francis Bacon