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  • Get access to 29 Core Videos full of rich conversations and good information about financial literacy.
  • Obtain Resources and Tools of your entire financial planning journey - from credit ratings, debt reduction strategies, investments, retirement income planning and everything in between. 
  • All videos are laser focused Short and Sweet 5 minute videos to allow you to maintain your current lifestyle with a little bit of education. 

About Wendy...

Financial Planner and Money Coach, Wendy Brookhouse partners with Jeff Reeves to help people master their financial confidence. Wendy and Jeff created the Financial Confidence Challenge to empower ambitious people to know and understand the core structure of financial literacy in a simple and easy way.

Who is this for...

  • For those who want to be confident in participating in their financial future
  • For those who want to understand how investments work
  • For those who want to obtain a foundation of financial literacy 

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What others are saying...

Wendy and Jeff have been able to explain money in a way that made sense. I had no idea how much I didn't know until I was part of the challenge. It's a must do for anyone.

Shaun Whynacht    

Before the challenge I felt I was pretty knowledgeable with money. I quickly found out there was more to know.

Rebecca Spinney  

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